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WMS solution providing planning, control, execution and monitoring functionality for logistics.

Körber brings a deep understanding of supply chain processes and customer needs, combined with extensive experience in deploying warehouse management solutions globally. We also understand that customer requirements differ significantly, depending on the size and complexity of their warehouse operations. That’s why we offer a range of WMS solutions that can address small and medium-sized warehouses with manual and forklift-based processes, as well as with RF and voice directed operations, all the way up to large, highly automated distribution centers.

Today’s warehouses need to address complex challenges

Irrespective of their scale and complexity of operations, warehouses need to run at peak efficiency. Major challenges for most manufacturing and distribution organizations include:

  • Customers that mandate shorter delivery times and 100% accuracy
  • Increasing customer return rates
  • Hiring and retaining skilled labor, and the need to accommodate seasonal fluctuations
  • Growing complexity of the regulatory environment
  • Managing and governing change as business processes evolve

Körber’s all-encompassing Warehouse Management Solutions

Our warehouse management expertise will ensure your organization optimizes efficiencies in today’s competitive landscape. Our portfolio of adaptable WMS solutions can be customized to your exact business requirements. To further optimize your end-to-end processes, we also integrate your WMS with your ERP and other supply chain solutions, like transportation or yard management.

For small and medium-sized warehouses our solutions support best-of-breed functionality out-of-the-box, and immediately enable full visibility into inventory, people and processes. Configurable functionality provides the necessary flexibility for tailoring the solution to your business processes and to accommodate future changes.

Our solutions for large, complex warehouses – often found in enterprise-level distribution centers – are highly customizable and performant, to support the variety and complexity of processes, as well as the high throughput rates required in these environments. They can also easily be integrated with material handling equipment from various vendors, to support even the highest levels of automation.

Körber’s solutions for 3PLs and logistics service providers support multi-client operations with multiple product categories inside the same warehouse. They also provide simplified onboarding of new clients, and flexible, speedy configuration of warehouse processes for each customer, as well as other 3PL-specific functionality, such as a flexible invoicing system, EDI connectivity and the management of value-added services like kitting.

We also offer specialized WMS solutions for select industries (e.g. automotive, petrochemical, e-fulfillment).

Key capabilities of our solutions include:

Comprehensive warehouse management functionality:
  • Receiving and put-away
  • Slotting
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Differentiated inventory management
  • Cross-docking
  • Order and wave management
  • Picking and packing
  • Advanced shipping management and staging
  • Load and route optimization
  • Built-in returns management
  • Integrated resource and labor management
  • Add-on software modules for incremental functionality
  • Integration capability for automation equipment from a variety of vendors
  • Cloud or on-premises deployment

The Körber difference

We offer a highly adaptable portfolio of warehouse management solutions. With our extensive expertise in warehouse management across our customers’ industries, and implementation experience from more than 1,600 customer deployments, Körber can help you optimize your entire warehouse operations.

We also offer a unique perspective that is both global and local. Customers all over the world have developed and expanded their businesses with Körber supply chain solutions.

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