CCS Lifecycle Software

avtor: Lifecycle Software Ltd

CCS equip telcos to make the most of their network and delight customers while increasing revenue

Lifecycle Software enables agile brands to succeed in the telecoms market without the need for large IT and operations teams. We utilise our 27 years of experience and cloud-native tech stack to launch and support telecoms and support the entire customer journey for all types of mobile services. Core to our strategy and growth is customer centricity. Our Converged Charging System (CCS) as a Service equips telcos to delight their customer base with an incredible customer experience. The solution cuts through the noise by providing strategies designed to engage and grow loyalty.

Cloud native Converged Charging System seamlessly integrates with LTE services and 5G SA. Key features include real time rating, charging, billing, service management and automated service suspense

Launch new services faster and a gain competitive edge

• Deploy customer centric strategies - allow end users to manage their spending, customize their plan, enrol in a loyalty programme or even sell back unused balance

• Launch new services quickly and unlock a variety of 5G billing features

Manage large amounts of SIMs easily, ensuring cost-efficiency

• Include SIMs under one single allowance and auto distribute data across in the most efficient way
• Detect SIM inactivity to trigger a dormancy process automatically and resume automatically

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