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LivePerson's Conversational Cloud (LiveEngage) powers the digital contact center with humans & bots.

The world’s most innovative brands choose LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud

Our AI-powered Conversational Cloud has made over a billion brand-to-consumer conversations possible. We make it easy for consumers to ask questions and make purchases in the messaging channels they use every day

A single place to manage all your conversations

Agents and bots work together in a single web-based workspace to handle conversations across all messaging channels. Agents can easily handle multiple messaging conversations at a time from their desktop or mobile device. And with the ability to monitor bot conversations in real time, agents can intervene when necessary to maintain a positive consumer experience and to help improve bot performance over time.  Easily deploy your Bot Framework bot to faciliate 'human in the loop' escalation and interaction.

Real-time sentiment to measure conversation health

Our proprietary Meaningful Conversation Score (MCS) uses natural language processing and AI to measure consumer sentiment during conversations. MCS determines a positive, neutral, or negative score for each message and conversation based on phrasing, punctuation, frequency and more. It’s an unbiased assessment of an interaction and can be used by managers to intervene on conversations that are going poorly to help preserve the consumer experience. It’s particularly useful for bot managers — helping them to understand where bot optimizations need to be made in addition to flagging which conversations require intervention.

Dynamic Capacity maximizes agent productivity

Dynamic Capacity maximizes productivity by giving agents the ability to handle up to 40 conversations at once. Our proprietary Dynamic Capacity algorithm analyzes the speed of messages being sent back and forth in each conversation instead of just the total number of conversations to determine an agent’s true capacity. LiveEngage automatically brings conversations in and out of focus based on conversation intensity so that agents aren’t overwhelmed.

Reporting & analytics to gauge ROI and optimize performance

Every aspect of each conversation is tracked within LiveEngage, including the duration, sentiment and CSAT, consumer intents, and even customizable outcomes such as conversions. LiveEngage offers robust out-of-the-box analytics along with the ability to build custom reports that align to your specific KPIs so you can measure the return on your investment. Our reporting also helps optimize agent and bot performance over time while providing invaluable business insights pertaining to customer trends, brand perception, product use cases and more.

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