AiKno based Material Test Report (MTR) Validation Tool

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The MTR validation tool supported to reduce the dependencies on individual human knowledge

End-to-End AiKno based Material Test Report (MTR) Validation Tool

Customer works with multiple vendors who would submit the MTRs in their respective formats for the materials they supply to the customer with different test reports. The Quality Inspectors validate these test reports against their own Technical Specifications which would take around 25-30 minutes time and accepts or rejects the MTRs as per the validations. The challenge is to have an assistive solution to reduce the manual time and human errors.

Attribute value information from the scanned MTR document along with the region of presence will be extracted, also its corresponding attribute data from respective Material Specification document.

Application will do a rule based comparison providing a validation flag if a discrepancy is found assisting the technician via an interactive UI. The tool enables manual interventions as needed, resulting in a faster and efficient Quality inspection flow of the MTR validation process.

The Key features of AiKno based Material Test Report (MTR) Validation tool:

· User-friendly interface: An easy-to-use interface that allows users to upload MTR documents and extract the information without any extra effort.

· Assistive data entry: This Tool is capable of automatically extracting and validating the same from MTR and specification documents to eliminate manual data entry or validation errors. As these validations are UI based, quick and the report is stored there by in system unlike the Manual process which is prone if errors.

· Visualization: The MTR Validation Tool offers visualizations like charts and graphs that display Inspectors work in a simple and easy-to-understand format.

· Multi-format export: This Tool allows export in multiple formats like PDF, Excel, or CSV, enabling wider access to data.

· Security: The MTR Validation Tool provides high secure and capable of managing and protecting sensitive data.

· Time saving: The MTR Validation Tool saves Inspector’s time and ensures consistent Accuracy.

· Accessibility: The MTR Validation Tool is accessible from different locations and devices, allowing easy sharing of extracted reports between teams and customers.

The MTR validation tool supported reducing the dependencies on individual human knowledge, and provided consistent quality output by improving productivity as MTR validation was high volume and repetitive job across different client facilities.

Application enabled end users to quickly validate and verify the MTR documents uploaded by the vendor against the specification requirement documents provided by client.

The Specification document parsing mechanism was enabled by AiKno® which avoided the creation and maintenance of a static database.

Leveraged our ability to handle documents of various complexities and formats using AI technologies by training the cognitive pipeline with variations from different locations. This in turn helped to minimize the human intervention and time taken for the verification process.

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