Maana Q SaaS

avtor: Maana Inc

Maana Q: The Digital Knowledge and Reasoning Layer for Microsoft Azure

The Maana Q Knowledge Platform organizes industrial data and human expertise into a digital knowledge layer to speed better decisions across the full value chain of an Oil and Gas Company (from well to pump.) Leveraging its patented Computational Knowledge Graph, Maana Q demonstrates the interdependencies between concepts such as equipment, people, and activities, enabling enterprises to accelerate building AI-driven Knowledge Applications that optimize decision flows. Its intuitive visual authoring environment puts power of AI app development in the hands of business experts, not just programmers. Q provides a seamless out of the box experience for Azure users and greatly enhances their workflows with access to several higher-level off-the-shelf domain expertise and capabilities (such as in predictive maintenance, shipping and logistics optimization, well planning, exploration, risk assessment, health and safety, etc.) to help them optimize and improve internal operations significantly.

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