Macadamian HealthConnect

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Digital Health and Connected Medical Device Custom Application Development Platform as a Service

Macadamian HealthConnect™ is a managed cloud-based Platform as a Service running on Azure targeted at accelerating digital healthcare solution development and data engineering projects. It is a modern microservices-based architecture, integrated database, and data management layer that allows clients to get their products to market faster without having to invest in developing the cloud architecture and infrastructure layer.

Macadamian has developed award-winning chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, AI-enabled clinical decision support software,  patient engagement, and occupational health & safety solutions on the Macadamian HealthConnect™ to effectively capture patient data, support patient self-care and behavior change management, while delivering insights from the data collected to improve outcomes, accelerate new product development, and demonstrate efficacy.

Macadamian optimizes the cost and accelerates the development of innovative medical device and digital therapeutic software applications. For many companies, this means eliminating the challenges associated with interoperability, managing cloud infrastructure, and ensuring security and compliance with regulatory requirements. The Macadamian advantage is a demonstrable, proven ROI, and over 23 years of designing and developing custom-built solutions for complex environments in healthcare. 

NEW: A new suite of tailor-made and self-service (SaaS) Business Re-opening solutions

    • HealthQ - staff health screening
    • InQ - Client in-take and queue management
    • MiQ - Employee workspace and resource reservation

What if you could focus on product innovation and creating unique differentiation by starting from an existing foundational platform that removes management overhead? Talk to us today to see if HealthConnect™  and QSuite is right for you.

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