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Professional Microsoft 365 documents build trust

Licensing empower®, the software suite to easily create documents and presentations that build trust

Your company's documents, presentations and emails look like you don't have one brand, but many?
Users waste an incredible amount of time searching for and updating slides?
Mistakes often creep in when creating documents and presentations, and the risk of using outdated content is high?
And users waste hours formatting content to make it look good?

empower® is the software suite for Microsoft 365 that empowers everyone in your organization to easily create professional documents and presentations in no time. Users always work on brand with easy access to the latest templates. Automated presentation and document creation, including auto-formatting, saves users from time-consuming formatting. And with an extensive slide and document library, the latest content is always just a click away, eliminating the risk of using outdated content.
Start creating professional documents and presentations that build trust immediately by purchasing this commercial version of empower. Licensing and billing is based on the number of named users equipped with the software.

Key Features:

  • All the features users need for everyday work in the most popular office applications in one ribbon
  • Automatic brand compliance, including automatic review and correction by Design Check
  • Comprehensive slide and document library with guaranteed up-to-date content, including automatic content updates
  • Automatic creation of presentations and documents at the touch of a button
  • Extensive library of templates and design elements

Key Benefits:

  • Every presentation, every document, every email becomes a brand ambassador, strengthening your brand rather than weakening it
  • No more risking your reputation by using outdated content in documents and presentations. Only current content leaves your organization!
  • No more tedious document and presentation formatting, more time for what really matters - creating value for your business and customers
  • Complex documents and presentations are created in a click instead of hours

What our customers say:

"We always refer to empower® as the »Gold Standard« of how Office products should be developed.“
Alyssa Le, VP Business Development, Standard & Poor's Global Inc.

"The introduction of empower® was one of the best decisions we made within the branding project"

Brigitte Schneider, Head of Brand Design, Merck KGaA

"With empower®, it's easy to ensure that even presentations by non-experienced users look lively, but most importantly, are consistent in corporate design."

Thomas Roehrich, Head of Brand Communications, Continental AG

About empower GmbH
The empower GmbH is a software company based in Cologne, Germany. We have been developing first class Microsoft 365 solutions for 15 years. Since 2005, through the development of empower, we have been working continuously to save our customers time and money and give them more time for what really matters. More than 3 million users in 1,200 organizations worldwide use empower® software every day to create professional documents and presentations that build trust.

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