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The all in one solution for time-tracking and managing ressources, time and cost efficiently.

MAKONIUM enables you to manage your resources, time, and costs efficiently. The all-in-one solution for self-administration and cooperation with partners and clients. A multiple times proven use-case regarding the self-administration is e.g. simple time tracking of your own employees, resulting in less time spent on the tracking. Based on the generated data easy analysis can be made thanks to numerous filter- and reporting options – all GDPR compliant. Based upon that data, time statements can be generated thanks to integrated Microsoft Word templates. Employees can not only be managed, but also allocated to certain projects with the forecast function in MAKONIUM, allowing project managers to easily keep track of tasks and availability of their employees. That way, you will always be up to date regarding recent projects and resources and can plan projects thanks to a detailed employee forecast. Additionally, you can manage the project status through setting and reaching of milestones and control the project progress through comparison with used resources. This is accompanied by a clear view for controllers via a role-based access control system, including KPI tracking supported by Microsoft Power BI, Excel and many more.  

Also, your partners and clients can be onboarded straightforward and managed with ease – with no additional costs for your company. Use the previously mentioned forecast to plan together with internal and external colleagues – also regarding budgeting projects suiting your and your client’s requirements. MAKONIUM comes with an integrated CRM, enabling direct integration instead of redundant APIs. The CRM supports safe and secure (client) data storage – of course GDPR compliant and offers fast access when needed. 

Further use cases are for industries with many sub-service providers, like e.g. in facility management and the IT-sector, logistics, the construction industry & agriculture, as well as tourism. MAKONIUM is available for the English and German market. 

This app is available for the English and German market.

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