Intelligent Document Processor (IDP+)


Eliminate errors, accelerate cycle times and lower costs by automating with IDP+ Platform.

IDP+ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which enables your department’s team with an efficient and audited end-to-end automated document processing, e.g. account payable invoice, pick up tickets, audit reports etc. It comprises of Azure cognitive services, a business-driven transformation engine and seamless integration with ERP and other systems to eliminate errors and boost efficiency. IDP+ seamlessly ingest document data (such as invoice) across multiple channels so you can easily manage your end-to-end workflows, such as account payable.

Extract data from documents in real-time with our trained AI models, which can also manage the structure and unstructured data. Our Solution support batch processing and multi-page processing.

Key Features

  • Pretrained AI Model to extract information: Example Extract invoice information without any training on Vendor invoices
  • Robust transformation engine to transform the raw extracts: Example Extracts from invoice to complete missing detail such as based on PO number match invoice lines against PO lines
  • Data validations to ensure information is complete, accurate & ready to be interfaced to ERP or other applications
  • Approval workflow to route document for necessary review before further processing
  • Complete Audit trail

Additional support for documents if the document is an invoice

  • Expense Account Recommendation for Non-PO Match Invoice based on History & other attributes such as Vendor Type
  • Ability to manage Non-PO based invoices with GL codes to record expenses
  • Real-time validation of Expense Accounts against CoA Rules

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