Matilda Cloud Discovery, Migrate and Optimize

avtor: Matilda, Inc

Matilda Cloud is a unified platform to help transform your infrastructure & applications to Azure.

Matilda Cloud enables you to automate and manage the full lifecycle of your Cloud transformation to the Azure Cloud. Matilda Cloud platform features include fully automated discovery and migration into Azure with 6R

strategy and modernization. We enable autonomous lifecycle management for the applications once in Azure. Our platform allows to efficiently, optimally and intelligently run workload and application in Azure using predictive

AI/ML to create uptime, high availability and scalability for your applications in Azure.

Matilda Discovery

  • Agentless deployment with 360‎° view of in depth application assets and its dependencies in realtime.
  • In depth analysis for compliance with built in security and TCO analysis.
  • Cloud Disposition using 6R strategy supporting multi cloud.

Matilda Migrate

  • Migrate applications, workloads and infrastructure in hours vs months.
  • Supports all 6R and modernization of application during migration.
  • Create a customized plan and automation for each migration based on criticality and dependencies.

Matilda Optimize

  • Saves over 30 to 50% in cloud cost using real time optimization.
  • Cost optimization can be autonomous or manual (actionable list).
  • Real time scaling up and down to optimize resources.

Matilda AIOps

  • Powered with AI/ML for predictive and self healing from exceptions of application.
  • Simply define your SLA and rest of the operations will be done automatically.
  • Operational efficiency and Cost for upto 30%.

Why Matilda Cloud?

  • Unified platform for Transformation and AIOps.
  • Breath of features allow for full lifecycle management.
  • Self Service intuitive Tools.
  • Deepest data discovery in the industry.
  • Proven for Security, Flexibility Scalability and Compliance.
  • AI/ML driven demand modeling, optimization and SLA delivery.
  • Uptime, Scalability and optimization of resources.

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