Maximl Connected Worker Platform


Industrial Connected Worker Platform for modern manufacturing teams

Connected Worker Platform for Deskless Workers

Maximl’s Connected Worker Platform hosts a suite of digital solutions to empower deskless workers and boost productivity across the value chain. Our no-code platform accelerates last-mile digitalization - helping experts to easily author SOPs, manuals, and checklists. Our platform offers 100s of flexible, pre-built templates that can be tracked and effortlessly updated in line with industry best practices.

Trusted by clients across the globe, our Connected Worker Platform powers industrial operations at 100+ sites globally across Europe, India, LATAM. Our solutions help organizations reduce variability and solve for use-cases across safety, quality, maintenance, and operations. Our platform has generated over half a million valuable data points that were previously lost during execution. This data is critical for process improvement in across the enterprise.

Maximl’s Connected Worker Platform includes digital solutions for:

  • Interactive Work Procedures
  • Digital Inspections
  • Operator Rounds
  • Shutdowns & Turnarounds
  • Permit-to-Work

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