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Personalized, secure and consistent customer communication across documents and online dialogs.

Hassle free customer communication - across digital and print
Your customers and members are expecting easy digital access to accurate information when and where they need it, and your business wants to be empowered to plan, execute and publish communication with shorter time to market. With data receding in multiple business systems this is challenging – often resulting in specialized tools for each channel and business area e.g., one document solution, one for policy print, one for quotes and another for smart online dialogs. What’s more, the ability to digitalize communication can be held back by systems that are not able to provide the openness or flexibility required, or hindered by lack of inhouse resources to build, maintain and update your communication architecture. With Centerpoint your business can create personal and relevant communication with your customers and with your partners. Our platform is easy-to-use, helping organizations save significant amounts of both time and money while improving customer satisfaction and ensuring competitiveness in an increasingly digitalized market.

Make your communication more relevant to your customers
Centerpoint puts the control of personalized communication into the hands of your businesspeople. Our platform connects to all your existing business systems from where data needs to be collected – allowing you to get a 360-degree insight into individual customer accounts to tailor communication – making your customer interaction more relevant and personal. With our templatized approach across communication channels, handlers can self-sufficiently and quickly generate the document or smart online dialog needed – while staying on-brand and ensuring compliance.

Progress digitalization in your own pace
Our platform supports organizations throughout their digital transformation journey by allowing you to gradually move from paper-based communication to more effective and sustainable digital communication. In your own pace you can migrating away from one directional paper communication to interactive online dialogs in your digital portals.

Achieve faster time to market at a lower cost
With the users/business being self-sufficient, IT resource requirements are drastically reduced, and costs and time is cut by the decreased time to market for document and digitalization development projects.

Gain more time back from your IT team
Leveraging Centerpoint will take away the strenuous legwork for updating and maintaining the document and smart online dialog workflows - leaving your IT team with more time to focus on staying ahead of the pace of innovation and focus on core systems.

Control operational cost
The hosted set-up provides a predictable and transparent operational cost structure and reduces the skills requirements inhouse, as well as reducing process cost. Since pricing is tailored based on volume and the number of users – no matter the size of your organization you can benefits from a full-blown, secure, and compliant enterprise communication platform - at a price you can afford.

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