XT CDR Call Reporting for UC and Legacy PBXes

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Voice call insights for cloud or on-prem PBX Models (Avaya, Mitel, NEC)

Telemanagement for insight into your PBX.

XT CDR Reporting provides comprehensive reporting for both cloud and on-premise PBX systems from leading vendors like Avaya, Mitel, and NEC.

With XT CDR Reporting, the system taps into your PBX to extract detailed call handling information. It delivers a peek into your organization's voice traffic, call metrics, and usage patterns so you can improve call routing, identify underutilized extensions, and troubleshoot trunk utilization.

Robust PBX reporting and customizable dashboards deliver granular departmental and extension-level reporting, to ensure departmental billing accuracy and aid in budgeting.

PBX Insight Benefits:

XT CDR Reporting provides you:

  • Real-time CDR reporting to monitor and manage enterprise-wide communication and utilization to monitor and manage enterprise-wide communication and utilization.
  • 250+ templated call reports to automate and customize reporting for different stakeholders and scenarios.
  • Better system utilization with trunk analysis, SIP tools, and toll fraud detection to optimize voice network performance and security.
  • 911 alert solution to reduce liability and respond quickly to emergency calls.
  • PBX agnostic and easy UC migration features to support multiple PBX models and facilitate digital transformation.

Supported PBX Models

  • Avaya Call Reporting: Integrates with Avaya IP Office, Avaya Aura, and Legacy Nortel PBX systems.
  • Mitel SMDR Reporting: Works with current MiVoice platform as well as legacy on-preimse Mitel and Shoretel systems (3300, etc)
  • NEC UC Reporting: Compatible with UNIVERGE3C, UNIVERGE BLUE, and legacy NEC PBX systems.

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