Meylah Cosell Event Solution

avtor: Meylah Corporation

Industry-proven Cosell-Ready event management system for your Marketplace-Ready Solutions.

Meylah's Cosell EventaaS Solution for Microsoft Marketplace: Esteemed as the pinnacle in industry excellence, our robust and adaptive system flawlessly manages every aspect of co-sell events: from storyboarding and registrations to creative assets, speaker line-ups, and promotions. With end-to-end execution precision, we ensure your strategy surges forward, promising an impressive 2x-5x ROI in co-sell event marketing and oversight, all set at a market-competitive rate of $50K, launch within 60 days.

As the industry's authoritative choice, we impeccably streamline every facet of cosell event management - from storyboarding and registrations to speaker curation and holistic end to end execution leveraging MCEM (Microsoft Customer Engagement Methodology) framework.

Our clients consistently report a formidable 2x-5x ROI, double their event marketing efficiency, and effortlessly tap into Microsoft co-sell marketing investments. Move beyond the inefficiencies and pitfalls of manual processes. With our solution, bid farewell to the redundancies of human errors, physical resource constraints, cumbersome paperwork, missed financial targets, and event deadlines. Elevate your operations with Meylah.

Meylah Cosell EventaaS Solution is used by various tech organization such as F5, Teradata, Sightmachine and many others

Meylah's Elite Cosell EventaaS Solution encompasses:

  1. Cosell Event Master - Comprehensive event management, from initial planning to flawless execution.
  2. EventReg Pro - A refined, efficient system for event registration.
  3. Unified Event Hub - Centralize and control your event's agenda and distinguished speakers.
  4. SpeakerCurator Elite - Advanced automation for impeccable speaker invitations and curation.
  5. Investment Strategist - Precision-driven co-sell event investment planning tool.
  6. EventComms Central - A robust platform to craft, update, dispatch, and oversee all event-centric communications.
  7. Content Co-Pilot Suite - Expertly design event materials: promo kits, speaker briefings, essential pre-event guides, and more.
  8. Event Command Dashboard - A panoramic view to monitor and steer all co-sell event initiatives seamlessly.

Benefits experienced by Microsoft partners using Cosell EventaaS Solution:

  • Reduce Time to Market - Launch Cosell events every 6-8 weeks instead of 12 to 15 weeks with Microsoft or other partners
  • Optimize Cosell event Operations - reduce event marketing operations overhead by 70%
  • Speaker Manager : Manage "Master" speaker roaster and engage in regular communications to unlock deals and opportunities
  • Content Creator Co-pilot - Create event bill of materials such as promo kit, speaker briefing, know before you go, speaker invitation, press release saving average of $4000 per event
  • Achieve 2x-5X ROI due to competitive price and scalability & cost savings up to 50%
  • Accessible anywhere on Microsoft Azure and meet all security needs

Every feature of Meylah's EventaaS Solution is designed with power, precision, and user-centricity at its core. Elevate your event management experience to unparalleled heights.

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