Miros Mocean

avtor: Miros AS

Accurate, real-time sea-state normalized vessel performance insights and charter party management

Miros Mocean is a vessel performance optimization platform that integrates real-time, in-service vessel data with local wave and weather parameters, providing a live overview of vessel performance.

Through the digitization of local environmental conditions, Miros Mocean uses measured – not derived – data, for an accurate overview of vessel performance and efficiency in real time, throughout the lifetime of a vessel.

By measuring vessel speed through water with unprecedented accuracy, in combination with other data points, voyages can be executed in an optimized way – impacting cost, fuel consumption and carbon emissions.


  • Miros Mocean provides a dynamic overview of a vessel’s performance over time
  • Miros Mocean uses measured – not derived – local sea state and weather data
  • Miros Mocean can be integrated into third party vessel performance systems

The technology behind Miros Mocean’s offering has been proven over more than a decade of verifications, testing and iterations of algorithm developments.

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