Smart Facilities

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Smart facilities Facility transformation AQM Occupancy Monitoring

Microland's Smart Facilities leverages Sensing as a Service and is a plug-&-play, non-intrusive, OpEx model-based solution without the need for large investments. It enables real-time visibility insights for the facility utilization, asset performance, environment health to ensure robust ops and wellbeing of customers and staff and provides auditable and on demand IoT data comprising utilities usage – energy, fuel, water, etc., occupant satisfaction plus a wide range of other ESG metrics including carbon footprint. With global deployments across multiple industries, it covers corporate offices, Facilities management, Hospitals, FMCG., Pharma, Logistics, Public Transport, Care Homes, Food Manufacturing, Universities, Mining, and power plants.

The solution covers three major areas:
  1. Safety & Hygiene across Tracing, Predictive cleaning, Smart Smoke Detection, Leak Detection and Open/Shut Indicator
  2. Utilities across Asset Zoning, Smart Waste Management, Smart Parking, Touch free feedback, Smart Activity Timestamping, Activity Level indicator
  3. Monitoring across Energy, Environment, Noise level, Brightness, Desk occupancy, Air Quality, Room Occupancy, Fridge and Water temperature monitoring
Use Cases
  • Occupancy Monitoring: Provides occupancy insights for each room / area in the facility. Identifies high and low usage areas for demand driven sanitization and HVAC purposes, which results into lower energy and maintenance costs, also in meeting ESG goals
  • Predictive Cleaning - Measuring utilization with feedback data enables ‘on demand’ and ‘as needed’ cleaning, move away scheduled cleaning. Our solution has lowered infection rates and costs in large facilities
  • Air Quality Monitoring - Monitors Optimum temperature, humidity and lowering levels of CO2 through better management of air quality and reduce contagion spread. Heps reduce stress levels, cognitive functions and increase productivity across all employees
  • Touch Free Feedback - Anonymized solution to employees and visitor’s feedback ensures that problems can be reported before they are out of control. Touch free Feedback Stations provide push button or “touchfree” QR code functionality to increase occupant satisfaction and facility wellness
  • Facility Navigation - Interactive maps and wayfinding for large manufacturing and distribution facilities for staff and visitors to find their way around and improve use of resources with our digital indoor facility navigation
  • Asset Zoning - Tracking of portable devices and equipment in office warehouses with use of geo-fencing and alerts for specific assets

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