Akkodis Modern Analytics Platform

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Accelerates the rate an organisation adopts and embeds a modern analytics platform into production.

Akkodis’ Modern Analytics Platform alongside our unique Fast Start methodology, accelerates the rate an organisation adopts and embeds a modern analytics platform into production, either on their own Azure tenancy or on the Akkodis CSP.
The Modern Analytics Platform has been deployed into State & Federal Government agencies, Education, Mining, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing and Supply Chain related industries.
The Platform consists of ingestion, storage and modelling with presentation layers. It is powered by Core Azure services
including: IoT Hub, Data Factory, Data Lake gen2, Data Bricks, SQL DB, PowerBI, Azure Blob Storage, amongst others.

Fast Start Approach (~12 week program)
The Akkodis Modern Analytics Platform is a production ready solution delivering across multiple industries. Modis has developed technology templates and delivery models to enable rapid delivery of business value.
The Modern Analytics Platform is secure, scalable and made available for the 12 week Fast Start program, which includes the provision of a Data Engineer, Data Scientist and Visualisation experts that provide insights back to the business in two weeks.
At the end of the 12-week program you will have run two use cases through the Platform and receive insights to finalise a business case to produce a Modern Analytics Platform.
  • Planning Requirements Discovery
  • Data Aquisition
  • Data Exploration
  • Data Visualisation
  • Insights Found

Successful Use Cases Examples:
Hundreds of use cases have used our Modern Analytics Platform across many industries, achieving business insights and predictions resulting in the reduction of manual processes, significant cost savings, mitigation of business risk and the achievement of returns of between 10–30 x ROI:
  • Tyre Wear Life Extension Analytics
  • Heavy Machinery Failure Analytics
  • Iron Ore Crusher Life Extension Analytics
  • Smart Meter Failure Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Rail Power Breaking Analytics
  • Ore Body Predictive Analytics
  • Rail Journey Optimisation
  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Facial Recognition Analytics
  • Fraud & Money Laundering Analytics
  • Information Exploitation Analysis
  • Human Network Analysis
  • Video Analytics
  • Image & Video OCR Analytics
  • Education Learning Tool Adoption
  • Case Management Prioritisation Analytics
  • HR Workforce Planning Analytics

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