Automatically fill out web forms


Tired of filling out forms by hand? Upload a document and the form is filled out automatically

Fill out a web form in three easy steps

Filling out web forms is repetitive and tiresome. It doesn't have to be. Simply open our browser extension and leverage it's functionality to automatically fill in the content extracted from your document.

  1. Upload an image of your document to our browser extension.
  2. Our service extracts the relevant data from your document and fills out your form automatically.
  3. Submit the form.
You can reach us using one of the following channels: email, WhatsApp or our website, incl. a chat (bottom right). Reach out to us to discuss your opportunities.

Key features:

  • Time saver: Our service is easy to use and reduces the repetitious administrative effort.
  • Ease of use: You upload an image of your document, our service extracts the relevant information within seconds and fills out your form.
  • Result: Your web form is automatically filled out with the relevant information from your document. You also have the option to download the extracted data as an excel or JSON. In case of e.g. a driving license you also receive the cutout photo and signature, in case of e.g. a business card you receive a vCard which you can directly import into your mail client.
  • Timely: The information is extracted within seconds. No tiresome waiting, no interruption of your own workflow and therefore more time for the customer.
  • Fair prices: You pay for the so-called call (i.e. the reading of a document). Non-use is not charged, so there are no recurring basic charges. We also offer a so-called «all-you-can-eat package», which allows you to make an unlimited number of calls within one year (365 days).
  • Easy installation: Our browser extension is available for all chromium-based browsers. This includes Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and other web browsers on the market. This valuable extension can therefore be used immediately in your preferred browser.
  • Supported documents: A subset of all the documents BOTS4ME reads in the insurance, finance and automotive industry is for instance: Swiss business card, Swiss driving license, Swiss vehicle registration certificate, Swiss car license plate, car dashboard, VIN (vehicle identification number), premium invoices and offers from insurers and many more..
  • Your own document type: You would like to automatically extract data from other document types? No problem, our engine can also learn how to read new document types. Reach out to us.
  • API: Use our REST API to integrate our service into your existing workflows or your application environment.
  • Teach-in: The first time, use our teach-in functionality to insert the data it in your form. Any subsequent document data will be filled in automatically.
  • Possible use cases:
    • Counter offer: Extract the offer information from another insurer, automatically fill the information into your web solution and compute a counter offer.
    • Trade-in | Purchase: Collect all necessary information to provide your customer a trade-in offer for their vehicle.
    • Register a new customer: Gather all necessary information about your new customer and store them directly in your CRM or ERP.
    • and many more..

How to use:

To use our browser extension you will require a BOTS4ME subscription. Interested in obtaining one? Contact us via email, WhatsApp or visit our website, incl. chat (bottom right). Request an offer tailored to your company and optimize existing work processes.

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