Setka powered by Tiny

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Design engaging internal comms without having to code

Connect with your team through engaging stories and pages, turning your organization’s news into something people actually look forward to reading.

Setka + SharePoint make it easy to create websites with magazine-quality design, allowing you to create an improved employee experience at every touchpoint and share information in more engaging ways than ever (without needing specialized skills or adding a ton of extra work).

Setka is part of the world’s most trusted content authoring and designing toolbox. Many of those tools are trusted and embedded in market-leading applications and are powered by Tiny.

Content design without limits

Arrange text, images, and other visual elements into beautiful layouts, without having to code.

Add interactive elements. Animations, hotspots, embedded videos and more.

No-code customization of content

Incorporate your company branding within Setka’s customizable styles and reusable templates, to ensure a consistent look and feel for every published news page, or story.

Multiple fully customizable Design Systems.

Custom no-code components and templates for quotes, side notes, and more.

Enjoy a streamlined, inclusive creative process

Manage users and permissions, add comments.

Supercharge your internal communications

Ensure higher engagement by creating magazine-quality pages without having to code.

Update your site in a snap with custom templates, an easy-to-use interface and a massive built-in toolbox.

Make your content mobile-friendly

Setka instantly makes every page mobile-ready.

Other features:

  • Drag and drop. Move content elements within the article
  • Grids. Set desired spacing and create layouts of 2 to 16 columns using Setka’s modular layout grid
  • Animation. Alter your animation’s movement, scale, and opacity level. Control its duration, delay, and how it appears on-screen with automated presets
  • Hotspots and footnotes for quickly giving readers additional context
  • Varied backgrounds for any part of your content
  • Mobile layout customization
  • Easy-to-add tables within for sharing company data and other updates

Setka is a SaaS product powered by Tiny, compatible with SharePoint Online Modern Experience. A separate Setka account is required, sign up here.

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