Talent Experience Platform powered by AI.

Rely on AI to reveal skills, retain and reskill talent, and increase mobility

In a future riddled with uncertainties, ensuring your organization’s survival means embracing transformation today. With 40% of Fortune 500 CEOs believing that their companies might not remain economically viable in the upcoming decade without significant transformation, it's clear that business sustainability demands a proactive approach.

Welcome to NEOBRAIN, your partner in sculpting a resilient, skill-based organization amid the evolving landscape from job-centric to employee-centric structures, and traditional HR to Systemic HR frameworks. Our mission at NEOBRAIN is to put the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. Our solution is designed to facilitate a comprehensive systemic transformation, providing modules that cater to your skills maturity, and enable your organization to evolve cohesively with our tool.

Distinctive steps and modules for Skills Maturity with NEOBRAIN :
Data: Guarantee clean data on skills through AI skills management module.
Opportunities: Match employees and internal opportunities (job, mobility) effectively with our Talent Marketplace module.
Upskilling / Reskilling: Develop your employees' skills by suggesting the right development actions and learning through our Talent Marketplace module.
Performance: Integrate AI suggestions for skills and opportunities into your HR process seamlessly with our Performance and Engagement module.
Planning: Identify critical skills and strategically plan to fill gaps using our Strategic Workforce Planning Module.

NEOBRAIN offers deep integration with all HR systems such as HCM, LMS, ATS and Digital Workplace tools such as Teams.
Our solution is trusted by large enterprises across diverse sectors, including Banking, Insurance, Retail, Luxury, Services, Energies, Public sector aiding them in navigating the complexities of a perpetually evolving business landscape.

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