Netcracker Digital Marketplace

avtor: NetCracker Technology

Digital Marketplace For Your Business

Netcracker Digital Marketplace is an advanced e-commerce solution for service providers to offer digital services in the B2B market. It brings together a front-end shopping portal with back-end partner and revenue management that enables you to offer, manage and monetize a full range of personalized digital services with fast time-to-market. This includes customer and subscription management, a product offering catalogue, XaaS gateway, partner lifecycle management and settlements. The entire solution is cloud native and based on microservices and supports flexible business models including pay as-you-grow. The solution can be deployed as a standalone stack with no impact on your traditional business.


• Fast Time-to-Market: Netcracker Digital Marketplace is an out-of-the box solution with everything you need to launch digital services. The entire solution can be deployed in 8-12 weeks. We have a large ecosystem of cloud and IoT partners that have already been onboarded. Our use of  Agile/DevOps ensures new services and upgrades are delivered fast and frequently.
• Full Scope of Digital Services: Netcracker Digital Marketplace supports the full scope of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, IoT and virtualized services that can be offered as personalized bundles from an intuitive shopping portal. New offers can be set up by users in minutes with easy to configure prices, discounts, offerings, descriptions and more without the need for IT.
• Multi-Tenant and Customized Branding: With Netcracker Digital Marketplace you can concurrently offer services to multiple companies and lines of business with secure separation among customers. The shopping portal can be customized with your brand, or lines of business can use their own brand with its own unique look and feel.

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