Objective Gov365

avtor: Objective Corporation Ltd

Designed for Government agencies to capture information and context as a corporate record

Objective Gov365 for Microsoft Teams provides seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and your EDRMS (Electronic Document and Records Management System). Leverage the capabilities of both platforms to deliver a flexible and collaborative workspace, ensuring your information is secure and complies with record-keeping standards and other regulatory compliance. Files and conversations in Microsoft Teams are captured and stored within your EDRMS.

Drawing from extensive experience in developing software for the public sector, Objective Gov365 meets the unique needs of balancing modern collaborative working with regulatory compliance. It delivers organisational benefits of information governance and security, with minimal user impact. Built for Information and Records managers, Objective's frictionless integration brings enhanced governance to Microsoft Teams.

  • Retain long term corporate knowledge - confidently embrace Microsoft Teams with the knowledge that information and its context is captured.
  • Capture files and conversations - all files and conversations are captured and retained for future reference.
  • Summary report - automatically generated reports provide a detailed summary of the Team.
  • Surface valuable content - provide users with a complete information picture by surfacing content held within your EDRMS into their Teams channel.
  • Making governance easy - all interaction is done within Microsoft Teams, no switching between applications.
  • Inform Team members - keep team members informed of when a team will be archived and any changes to the schedules.
  • Govern your Teams - Govern the team creation process making it standardised across organisation. Leveraging your team templates for department-specific policies and permissions.
  • Monitor and manage teams - provide better visibility across teams you own or you are part of for easier management and governance.

Additional Objective users licences are required for Objective Gov365. For further information, please visit our Objective's website at

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