Scibyl Intelligent Services for ecommerce


Content Personalization to increase customer engagement

Scibyl harnesses the power of AI and web analytics and created a platform of Knowledge for e-shop. Scibyl’s vision is to enable e-shops to take advantage of advanced services and provide top-class personalization.

Scibyl provides an easy to install service that understands your customers’ behavior as they browse through your site. Web information is transformed into product suggestions using cutting edge machine learning and data mining technologies in real time.

Our offerings include.  

  1. Personalized Recommendation
    • Scibyl’s retargeting users with product recommendations on multiple points of their journey, to provide relevant content everywhere and improve their experience.
  2. Dynamic Bundles
    • Scibyl analyses customer shopping behavior and helps with identifying trends and increase expenditure through bundles of products.
  3. Scibyl Search
    • Scibyl is also providing a modern personalized search functionality with features like quick search results as-you-type, dynamic ordering based on user preference and autocomplete.


All this helps to engage with a customer, improve loyalty, increase basket size and expand your product range.