Ombori Grid Appointment Booking

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Flexible appointment booking with both pre-booked appointments and walk-in tickets

Schedule meetings with ease

Suitable for any business or organization that needs to schedule visits.

  • Offices
  • Municipalities & public sector
  • Restaurants
  • Retailers
  • Healthcare
  • Leisure and entertainment facilities

Combine with our Queue Management, Occupancy Control, People Counter, Omni Visit and Digital Signage apps to create a full-featured visitor management solution.


Visitors book an appointment time online or using a QR code on digital signage, and receive confirmation on their mobile device or a printed ticket. Appointments can be rescheduled or cancelled as required.


Visitors are reminded of their appointment via SMS.


On arrival, the visitor checks in using digital signage or by showing their appointment details to a staff member.


Increases customer satisfaction by offering choice and convenience and reduces costs by optimizing staff time.

  • Eliminate queues
  • Easy rescheduling
  • Reduce missed appointments
  • Increase productivity
  • Accurate data

Ombori Grid

Part of the Ombori Grid, a platform which includes a suite of customizable mix-and-match apps., targeted at retailers and other businesses.

  • Fully customizable: fits the needs of your business and includes your branding

  • Rapid deployment: quick and simple to install and configure

  • Easy scaling: roll out to multiple locations with minimal effort and cost

  • Central control: manage all locations and queues from a single hub

  • Usage-based billing: pay only for what you use

  • Hardware support: runs on a wide range of hardware, including Android and iOS tablets

  • Mobile integration: makes use of the visitor’s own mobile device

  • Grid integration: all solutions use a common platform allowing them to share data and interoperate

  • Proven technology: based on Microsoft Azure IoT

  • Developer tools: create your own apps

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