Open iT LicenseAnalyzer

avtor: Open iT, Inc

Solution for cost optimization and efficiency of your software license and application portfolios

Open iT LicenseAnalyzer is a highly customizable, robust, and complete software management solution that meters, analyzes and optimizes all aspects of license utilization or application, perfectly suited for engineering software portfolios. LicenseAnalyzer takes a 3-level approach to optimizing your software where it extends and builds on the functionalities of the preceding level.

Level 1: Run time Usage meters and reports on check-in/out of licenses.
Level 2: True Active Usage has the capability to meter and report active/inactive license usage.
Level 3: Managed Usage features an automated license harvesting capability.

Open iT metering and optimization solutions equip Procurement, IT, and Engineering Managers with advanced usage analytics to simplify the complexities of managing applications. 

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