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Enterprise Transformation Platform

Orbus Software stands at the forefront of facilitating enterprise transformation globally, with a mission centered around equipping organizations with OrbusInfinity, a strategic decision-making platform designed for navigating complex changes confidently. This initiative aims to empower businesses to meet their objectives, foster rapid innovation, and ensure resilience, thereby enabling informed, responsible, and sustainable decision-making processes. In the face of today's critical challenges, such as the high failure rate of digital investments predicted by Gartner and the struggle against data silos, OrbusInfinity provides continuous guidance to avoid common transformation pitfalls, unify data insights for risk-aware decisions, and accelerate decision-making through intelligent automation.

Addressing cost control, simplification, and the modernization of the technology landscape, OrbusInfinity emerges as a solution to manage spiraling technology expenses and complexity, while also guiding the strategic phasing out of obsolete technologies. This aids in clearing technical debt and setting a clear path for future advancements, including the adoption of cloud and AI technologies. The platform offers essential tools for strategic investment decisions, ensuring that IT alignments are strategically positioned to drive transformative changes, thereby optimizing business processes, enhancing security, and bolstering organizational resilience.

OrbusInfinity is rich in core capabilities, including decision analysis, presentation, modeling, and collaboration, all underpinned by a robust metamodel and support for any enterprise architecture framework. It integrates seamlessly with essential business tools like SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Power BI, providing a unified repository for enterprise content and fostering collaboration across the organization. Through comprehensive integration and interoperability options, including a REST API and security features powered by Azure EntraID, OrbusInfinity positions itself as a comprehensive platform for organizations aiming to navigate the complexities of digital transformation while ensuring security and streamlined processes.

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