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Master Microsoft Teams Management with Better Reporting,Actionable Insights and Lifecycle Management

Don’t be fooled. Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are HARD. You do not need costly customizations or endless training to drive collaboration in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and across Microsoft 365. Empower your entire organization, from IT administrators to end users in Microsoft 365 with Orchestry. 

Make Work Simple and Accelerate Your Microsoft Teams Success With Orchestry, you will simplify over digitalized workspaces and bring order to chaos with a beautiful, intuitive, and unified interface. Going beyond the standard out of the box capabilities of Microsoft 365, Orchestry transforms how organizations manage the lifespan of each collaborative Workspace in their digital workplace. 

Orchestry empowers and enables with:  (1) Actionable Insights to drive intelligent creation, management of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites and Microsoft 365 Groups. (2) Comprehensive Lifecycle Management to master the management of Microsoft Teams from start to finish.  (3) Pre-Built Workspace Templates that standardize your Microsoft Teams experience.  (4) Controlled Self-Service Workspace Provisioning to empower across Microsoft 365.  (5) Transparent Microsoft 365 Governance to maintain control while driving adoption.  (6) Information Workspace Directory to improve findability across your environment. 

Drive adoption and change management in Microsoft Teams and across Microsoft 365 through Orchestry's comprehensive lifecycle, insights, provisioning, templating and governance platform. Whether you are just getting started on your collaboration journey or looking to remediate an unruly platform, Orchestry is a must-have application for Microsoft Teams management.

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