Overdrive Basic Fleet Management

avtor: Overdrive IOT Pte Ltd

Gain visibility and control over your fleet operations using Overdrive Fleet Management System

Overdrive is a true IoT (Internet of Things) platform that manages the information flow from a multitude of sensors, ranging from complex machines such as an automobile to a simple mobile device. From our cloud platform, we gather information from various sensors and analyze the data to build smarter applications.

Simple, robust, and revolutionary, our flexible GPS-based fleet management solution equips fleet owners with the tools and software they need to gather, analyze and utilize the data from reports generated by our innovative tracking technology.

Overdrive solution was built to accommodate the unique needs of a fleet. Management of your team, vehicles and assets has never been easier. Using data from Overdrive installed GPS devices, our web-based software and mobile application not only gives you real-time visibility into your operation, it thinks ahead.

Overdrive Platform takes data and delivers the actionable insights, driving behaviors, facts, tracking data, and more to help you reduce your operational costs, find ways to improve productivity and optimize your operations.

Benefits to your business

  • Fully SaaS Model
  • Zero Capex
  • Volume based discounts
  • Quick & easy deployment
Smarter Integration
  • Unlimited number of sensors
  • Supports multiple device protocols
  • Custom development
  • API access
  • Mobile friendly
Smarter Insights
  • Smarter analytics
  • Contextual data
  • Greater transparency
  • Pro-active approach
  • 24/7 visibility

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