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Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality product for the Enterprise

SPACE1 is the all-in-one solution that leverages Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality to support Enterprises in their digital transformation, reshaping their business processes.

SPACE1 supplies digitized service information, enabling technicians to collaborate, experience instructions and guidance in ways that are more comprehensive, while minimizing mistakes and reducing downtimes.

The product provides:

  • EXTENDED COLLABORATION: It expands the concept of collaboration between users, introducing innovative ways of working.
  • EXTENDED MAINTENANCE: It improves quality assurance and enables field technicians to complete tasks quicker.
  • EXTENDED TRAINING: It makes possible to conduct training sessions, allowing users to collaborate anywhere they are.

The product provides advanced functionalities aimed at the manual or automatic recognition of objects, to detect and render something via a mobile device, through computer vision technology.

SPACE1 can capture information from IoT systems, in order to help maintenance technicians understand problems and factory workers to do proactive maintenance that may prevent costly downtime.

Technicians can rely on hands-on gestures and Mixed reality technology to manipulate 3D objects remotely and provide the guidance needed.

Photos, technical documents and multimedia content can be associated to any virtual object, thus contributing to enhance the user experience and improving skills and Work & Health Safety standard.

Among the innovative features of SPACE1 Extended Field Solution, technicians can rely on the Virtual Whiteboard, the place where advanced multimedia content is shared and visualized.

When performing their activities, technicians can rely on a full set of back-end configurable resolution procedures to receive step-by-step guidance on how to complete each single task.

Discover how SPACE1 provides the fastest way for industrial companies to unlock the value of physical and digital convergence. Visualize the information and guidance your workforce needs to get the job done effectively.

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