pAID Analytics SaaS Platform

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A comprehensive, tailored analysis review tool to recognize duplicate payments and their root cause

Paid Analytix has created an AI driven platform in order to help companies identify and avoid some of the main errors in payment processing understand key information regarding root causes and improvement opportunities how their process benchmarks against their competition.

A comprehensive, tailored analysis review will give an overview of the duplicate payments as well as an in-depth view of potential root causes and main actions points using our experience at Paid Analytix obtained through the work we have done with many large companies out of various sectors.

Online Audit
The system designed by PaidAnalytix has created a platform in which you can log on, enter the invoices to be checked and, based on them, our artificial intelligence engine will identify the invoices that have a high chance of duplication.

We examine the direct results of your duplicate Payment Audit and put them into the context of root cause of these errors, through our extensive benchmark research, reports and metricd, as well as concrete actions you can take improve your risk exposure.

PAID Analytix Online Audit can be applied to historic invoices and payment data to deliver an efficient, secure and off-site audit

How It Works
If your company is dealing with duplicate payment invoices, you will need to access our website, create your company profile, enter information about the company and the invoices you want checked. Within 3 days, you will receive a notification that your audit report is ready for download. You will be able to view the estimated results of the audit and decide if you want to purchase the full report . In case of purchase you will receive the full report as well as personal support from our staff to better understand the findings. If you decide not to purchase the report, the data you have shared and the report itself will be deleted and you will not be charged anything.

Our unique technology helps you identify the erroneous payments and minimize the risk for future losses, all this in a secure environment, audited and approved by Orange Cybersecurity and by security teams of our banking field clients.

By accessing our platform, you will benefit of a dedicated database, compliant with all Microsoft Azure requirements, strengthen by 4 security layers and protected with VAULT Key. In addition, to reinforce data protection, Azure Recover Services Vault will do a daily backup, with the retention policy set to 30 days. Also, in the case of a server failure, a server clone will spin-off with any of the daily backups, so that you will experience no downtime.

Once you put your data on our platform you have the visibility to see it, directly from your account, and you will have the possibility to delete it whenever you want. To be sure that your data was deleted we will send you a confirmation and a proof of the deletion.

To keep your data secure, our technology maintains the privacy, integrity and controlled use of confidential information. For more details access our terms and conditions.

Root Causes
Understanding the root cause of your process is imperative. It is through this knowledge that you will be able to reduce future occurrences. This information is the only way you can be sure to minimize future errors within your accounts payable organization.
Paid Analytix provides its clients with detailed reasoning behind the cause of their lost profits. By understanding the root cause of errors, our clients are able to target breakdowns in business processes and increase the efficiency of their businesses.

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