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PartnerStack is the only PRM platform built to help B2B partner managers and their partners succeed.

PartnerStack’s partner relationship management (PRM) platform is built to help SaaS companies drive revenue from partnerships, and to help partners succeed in every program they join. PartnerStack makes it easy for partnerships managers to onboard, train, manage and pay partners at any scale, while providing partners with their own dedicated dashboard with access to resources, withdrawals, messaging and more.Launch and scale multiple partner programs
PartnerStack is built to handle every kind of partner channel — including affiliates, ambassadors, advocates, referrers, resellers, and more. Companies can launch with one program, like affiliates, and scale beyond that original channel seamlessly. While other platforms focus on a specific channel, PartnerStack lets companies build out other types of partnership programs without requiring multiple vendor fees and integrations.Automate partner acquisition and onboarding
A dedicated dashboard provides partners with all the tools they need to market, refer, and resell, while automated systems keep them engaged. Automated onboarding with custom flows and email triggers enables partners to make more sales, and automated commission payouts ensure that they are paid every month for their performance.Always pay partners on time
Partners are paid automatically and can withdraw rewards on their own through Stripe or PayPal, so partnerships managers (and their finance teams) never have to worry about monthly payouts. PartnerStack also takes care of compliance, so companies can adhere to global regulations while giving their finance teams visibility.Connect to thousands of qualified partners
Companies can generate more revenue with access to 500,000+ partners through the PartnerStack partner network. They can acquire partners who already successfully sell to their target audience, and position their product alongside other top-tier SaaS offerings. Partners, meanwhile, get access to the best programs from multiple SaaS companies.To learn more please visit  

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