VivenHealth program

avtor: Patient Advocacy and Education, LLC

Prevent coditions like the cold, flu, sepsis and Covid-19.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to hurt both employers and employees, the importance of investing in your employee’s health has been brought to the forefront. But what is needed is not just education. What is needed in behavior change of employees. Unlike other programs, Viven Health provides evidenced based, behavior changing education.  The program was developed by internationally known nurses and doctors. The Viven Health program helps employees avoid all infectious diseases -- including Covid-19. The program is customizable to any work environment and can be used on any mobile device or computer.
The Viven Health program provides six key benefits to both employer and employee:
  1. Restores confidence in a safe work environment
  2. Impact is immediate, reducing absenteeism, health care claims and drug costs 
  3. Helps prevent infections both at work and home
  4. Includes families
  5. Provides measurable results
  6. Is easy to implement and takes minutes to complete
If you need a program that is truly employee-focused and helps your workplace avoid infectious diseases, the Viven Health program is the best on the market. Join us today and start to see an immediate impact and achieve a happier, healthier workforce.

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