PayKey's Social Payments Solution

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PayKey: Driving customer engagement by bridging the gap between banks & Telcos and social apps

PayKey drives a unique customer experience through a patented Social Telco & Banking solution that enables customers to instantly access key services regarding their account (balance check, peer-to-peer payments, top-up, credit transfers etc.) from within ANY app, directly from their smartphone keyboard. Our solution is streamlined into users’ digital lives, turning messaging apps into a new channel for banking services, information and engagement.
Our patented solution is based on a smartphone keyboard which is fully integrated with the bank or telco app. The keyboard is state of the art, meeting the highest industry standards, with one main addition: it carries the banking/telco key, fully customized to our customer’s brand.

PayKey's Social Banks Solution dramatically improves the banking and telco experience, streamlining it to the natural flow of social conversations. For users, it’s a leap from the current experience the relies on stand-alone apps that require users to drop everything else they’re doing in order to get even the most basic service.

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