Pellerex Managed Payment Service

avtor: Pellerex Pty. Ltd.

End to end managed payment platform that provides the entire payment function for your web apps.

All E-Commerce and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications need a form of payment that makes it easy for the customer and provider to pay and collect payments; be it in the form of One Off Payments or Recurring (Subscription) Pellerex Managed Payment service enables you and your team to quickly get started with setting up the entire payment functionality for your enterprise application.

Pellerex Managed Payment service relies on Stripe to make payments happen for your application securely. As we have relied on Stripe APIs, we can facilitate any type of payment scenario for your application regardless of the complexity, integration points or flow.

What makes Pellerex Managed Payment service unique is the full stack environment it provides to make your Payment journey super simple. Along with the APIs which are hosted and managed by Pellerex, you will also get access to our React based library of UI components that come already integrated with our backend Payment APIs. Your team can then focus entirely on your product instead of all the surrounding payment infrastructure.

Integration with Pellerex Managed Identity service is another notable example that makes our Payment service extremely easy to set up as your team benefits from a full ecosystem of Identity and Payment set up on day 1 of your project.

For those who have already selected our Pellerex Enterprise Foundation all these integrations come built-in as part of our Web and API scaffolds and your team doesn't spend anytime to make the integrations work.

From the functional point of view, you will have access to all the below functions out of the box at the UI and API layers:

  • Secure Capture of Payment Details
  • Pricing and Packages Page
  • Payment Authentication (3DSecure)
  • One Time Payments
  • Recurring Payments (Subscriptions)
  • Trial Processing
  • Product License Cancellation
  • Product License Upgrade/Downgrade

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