Viva Learning Connector For Oracle HCM Learning


Synchronizing the course content and assignments to Viva Learning instance

In this offering, we will build and deploy a provider that facilitates connectivity between the Customer’s Viva Learning and the Customer’s Oracle HCM Learning module. Using this provider, courses and content activities defined on the Oracle HCM Learning instance will be synchronized with the Customer’s VivaLearning instance. We provide a SaaS-based solution hosted on Persistent’s Azure cloud infrastructure which is the highly available and scalable solution as per customer’s requirement.

  1. Sync for Registration
  2. Sync for Course content creation
  3. Sync for Course activities

Integration Points:
  1. Viva Learning
  2. Microsoft Graph
  3. Oracle HCM

  1. Hosted on Azure as a SaaS service which is seamlessly available 24x7.
  2. No solution exists today to connect Oracle HCM to Viva Learning.
  3. Synchronization of data for over 100s of courses and more than 10K users.
  4. Capability to do full and incremental sync multiple times a day as required

Landscape\Use cases\capabilities of the offering:
The Learning & Development (L&D) unit within an enterprise or organization would need to cater to multiple facets of employee development. To achieve this goal the L&D unit would use and deploy multiple types of Learning Management Systems (LMS) which caters to the specific needs of specific employees.

This can lead to a disjointed employee experience within the organization. Viva Learning aggregates training needs from multiple LMS applications and surfaces it in a central location.

Our solution enables organizations which have Oracle HCM as their LMS to integrate and surface training on Microsoft Viva Learning.

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