avtor: Pienso Inc

Empower subject matter experts to build rich text analytics, without data science expertise or code.

Solution Overview:

Organizations possess a wealth of potential insight, locked away in unstructured text (e.g. – customer service case notes, call transcripts, social media posts, etc.). Deep Learning models allow those organizations to transform that free text, into quantifiable, meaningful and actionable insights – identifying sentiment, trending topics, potential business issues, etc. And Deep Learning via Pienso, allows for those models to be built in a no-code / low-code way, putting the power of Deep Learning in the hands of the people who understand the data best – the business subject matter experts.

Solution Benefits:

  • Derive insights from conversational and text data that you already own, and that best represent your customers’ experiences and opinions.

  • Create a deep learning model, custom-built based on your own data, to analyze mountains of unstructured text, without programming or data science expertise.

  • Keep the data topic expert in the driver’s seat, so that your models reflect the nuance and context of your unique data.

  • Seamlessly connect Pienso to the source data in your line-of-business application, via API.

  • Pay only for the models you deploy, which encourages exploration of your data, in pursuit of new insights, and perpetually richer models.

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