Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense for Intune

avtor: Pradeo

Easily automate threat remediation on mobile devices and track security compliance in Intune

Pradeo Security is a mobile security application that prevents corporate data theft / leakage and fraud. 

Its proven integrations with Intune enable to smoothly manage the security of a mobile fleet (compliance tracking, conditional access to corporate resources...).

It is available for Android, Android Enterprise, iOS and Chromebooks. 

The Pradeo Security mobile application delivers an advanced detection of known and 0-day threats coming from mobile apps, network connections and OS configurations. When it detects a threat, it remediates it automatically according to your organization’s security policy. At any time, the solution keeps up to date the security compliance status of all devices in Intune, so administrators can manage mobile security from a single platform.

  • Ready-to-use mobile security application
  • Fast deployment with Intune
  • 0-touch configuration
  • Automatable threat remediation: conditional access, app blocking, disconnection…
  • Devices’ compliance tracking in Intune
  • Data protection
  • Multiprofile mode dedicated for Android Enterprise

Pradeo is a global leader of mobile security, recognized by Gartner, IDC, Frost & Sullivan, Forrester and 67 others market research firm in 2020.


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