Vikshep - Agriculture Farm Surveillance

avtor: Prakshep Private Limited

Monitor your farms every 2-5 days for early detection of stress(biotic, abiotic & nutrient driven).

The Vikshep suite is developed keeping targeted action pack for farmers and agribusinesses. Utilize openly available satellites to see thoroughly farms in a multi-spectral mode and detect early signs of stress, growth distribution, irrigation and more continuously throughout the growing season.
Step A : Provide us with your farm boundaries (digitise using Cropcare from azure marketplace, if needed) along with a unique ID.
Step B : Prakshep team will create data pipeline for the last few years and host it at (you can login through the credentials provided).
Step C : The same datasets are available at your Vikshep API endpoints for direct intgration into existing mobile apps and ERPs.
Step D : Every 2-5 days, whenever Sentinel 2 / Sentinel 1 / landsat 8 takes imagery of your farm, it is updated in the dashboard as well as the API endpoints and you are notified via mail, daily.
Step E : Start analysing your farms and take necessary actions to ensure high yield.

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