PREACT Project Insight

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PREACT Project Insight

PREACT Project Insight is a dashboard & reporting solution giving you day-to-day insight on your projects, capacity, billable hours, coverage, etc.

Build for project driven companies, such as law firms, consultancies, engineering companies, architects & advertising agencies, PREACT Project Insight focus on getting the data from your existing systems (ERP, time registrations, budgets, etc.) to your employees whenever they need them, supporting faster and better decisions in the organization.

With focus on an easy-to-use application and a strong and scalable technical base, we help you answer questions like:

  • Which projects do we need to give extra attention to avoid budget overruns?
  • Which customers are currently less profitable for us?
  • Which employees tend to use more hours than we can bill?
  • Are we getting the correct hourly rates?
  • How can we segment our customers in relation to recency, frequency and monetary value?
  • What are the actual and the experienced workload of my team?
  • What are the expected/forecasted billable hours the coming months?

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