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Connected Workflows, Dashboards & Automation

The Integrated Data Environment for the AEC

Purpose-built for the AEC in Azure, ProjectReady delivers The Integrated Data Environment for the AEC with connected workflows & a revolutionary approach to project collaboration; bringing everything together in the context of the project.

Solving the Challenges of Interoperability - Microsoft 365 + Seamless Industry Technology Integration

ProjectReady helps clients solve the biggest challenge, risk, and expense in the industry today: Interoperability; delivering a truly unified user experience for the AEC/O.

ProjectReady brings together SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Power Apps, Outlook, Power BI and Azure (SQL & Active Directory) connecting the Microsoft Cloud to industry specific platforms Autodesk BIM 360, Autodesk Build, Procore and Bluebeam to deliver a solution that is rapid to deploy, easy to use & extends the basics of AEC Project Management & Document Control.

What We Do

ProjectReady integrates common data environments and platforms, so systems builders, designers, and owners can collaborate to manage construction projects of all sizes.

  • Provision and Connect SharePoint, Teams & more in just a few clicks.
  • A single pane of glass with a dynamic dashboard to take action and manage project information across CDE’s, phases and stakeholders.
  • Build your projects by automating project set up of CDE’s, governance and repeatable standards in a matter of minutes without need for IT’s help.
  • Manage project team members and manage roles-based permissions in ProjectReady and Microsoft 365.
  • Associate emails with documents and people in the context of a specific project.
  • Quickly zero in on the status of document control workflows such as RFIs, submittals, change orders, and action items.
  • Control the review and approval of documents across systems, and across internal and external project team members.
  • Full history, searching and reporting of all content and workflow transactions.
  • Master document registers with your metadata on content across systems.
  • Robust, comprehensive and project wide reporting built on a scalable taxonomy.
  • Bridge and automate workflows that allow multiple internal and external team members to view, weigh-in, and approve content and requests.

Microsoft 365 Automation

These days, nearly every company depends on the Microsoft 365 platform. Whether you are using SharePoint as an intranet solution, send emails using Microsoft Outlook, collaborate using Teams, or manage security with Azure AD, M365 has become the go-to for businesses across the AEC. But making M365 work in the context of an project is not as simple as it could be, which is why SharePoint setup, group emails, and Teams channels often lands in the hands of IT.

ProjectReady is the only solution on the market that actually allows construction professionals, designers, and project owners to retain ownership of their project and the Microsoft assets necessary to move projects across the finish line.

During the automated project setup process, ProjectReady instantly gives the project team a project-specific SharePoint site for content storage, Microsoft Team for collaboration in context of the project, and a dedicated project mailbox in Outlook for correspondence. In a matter of minutes, your team has the fundamental tools necessary to efficiently manage complex AEC projects.

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