Smartphone Body Scan + Exercise Plan from Moovment Coach Int.

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Self-scan & remote coaching with advice that improves posture, balance and movement quality.

People are only as strong as their weakest link!

When people move well, they move more - they increase productivity, they are less likely to get injured and they have less discomfort. We use augmented intelligence to record and analyse a 'digital you' so we can recommend corrective home exercises that are just for you. Thanks to the advanced Moovment technology, our Moovment Coaches can see small problems and recommend solutions earlier, with greater accuracy and objectivity. It is like a 'gap analysis' for the way you move.
You don't break a sweat during our assessment or our exercise plans, because the focus on your movement quality, not quantity. There are plenty of free fitness apps out there for fitness classes. But none of them will analyse and correct exactly how You move. They more or less assume we are all the same. We know that this is not the case - because we have measured thousands of people already, from all around the world.

Moovment Coaches will review video recorded using the camera in their smartphone - from home or work, wherever you are. The Coaches will send comments and corrective exercise videos securely inside the Moovment Pro Portal, usually within 48 hours.

As many as 1 in 2 Americans have movement-related problems like back, hip, and knee injuries, postural dysfunction, and balance problems. They can be disabling, but usually avoidable when detected early enough. With Moovment scans and Moovment Coach advice, proactive employers, sports teams, schools, and residential homes identify and address small problems with movement before they become big and costly problems.

Thanks to the Moovment software, our Coaches and their clients can see more than the human eye can see.

We like to say that if you are not assessing, you are just guessing!

Contact Moovment Coach to arrange a service that suits your needs.

Note: 3D Moovment Scan service (see video below) is booked by appointment only. It is not included in the Smartphone Body Scan + Exercise Plan offer.

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