Moovment Specialist Subscription for Health and Fitness Professionals

avtor: Qinematic AB

Portal access for health and fitness professionals to analyse, advise and monitor clients.

Health and wellness experts are just guessing if they are not assessing!

The Moovment SaaS enables individuals to record their posture, balance and movement patterns using their mobile phone. It is fast and convenient.
The Moovment SaaS enables licensed venues and workplaces to perform a premium 3D scan using a special sensor that creates a 3D video and a 'digital twin' of each individual.

This subscription is for health and fitness experts who just want to give advice and don't need to provide the onsite 3D Moovment Scan service (see Moovment Scan 3D products).
Moovment's augmented intelligence assists health and fitness professionals to provide advice and make better decisions about corrective exercises. It helps them find and fix small problems fast, before they become big problems. Specialists can do more work in less time, with less effort and much more accuracy - including access to a 3D video player, automated reporting, online surveys, goal setting, exercise library and secure chat.
Conduct conference calls over a secure Teams meeting to educate clients with amazing 3D-visualizations that get full engagement and motivation to get healthy and stay healthy.

Who buys the license:
  1. The subscription is purchased by independent consultant health and fitness professionals that wish to offer advice and prescribe corrective exercises to individuals via the Moovment.Pro Portal.
  2. The subscription can be purchased by Organizations that need to onboard additional in-house health and fitness professionals to provide advisory services to individuals that have done a 3D or mobile scan. The Specialist can view scans and surveys, offer advice, and prescribe exercise to these individuals. There is a Chat feature for questions and answers.

What's included:
  1. Consent and Connect permissions via the secure Moovment.Pro Portal
  2. Full suite of visualisation, reports, surveys, goal setting and chat
  3. Unlimited views of available scans (with permission)

An Organisation can set up multiple channels for specific Specialists to connect with specific individuals (e.g. from teams, departments, regions etc), for additional privacy and security. See the FAQ section for more information.
Qinematic data management is GDPR and HIPAA-compliant. Specialists must also fulfill their own data protection obligations.

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