Digital Twin Hub for Asset Integrity

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Cloud platform for asset integrity and reliability

Verofax provides the oil and gas industry with a platform for asset integrity to increase visibility, improve productivity and reduce equipment downtime. With equipment traceability through product twinning, O&G companies avoid potential failures with preventive/ predictive/ systematic/ corrective asset maintenance. Our unique computer vision technology can detect errors and has anti-fraud capabilities to boost staff capabilities and reduce operational risks.

Solution Benefits:
• Improved asset tracking and management
• Enhanced safety and risk management
• Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
• Improved maintenance planning and scheduling
• Validated easy audit
• Supply chain integrity by verifying the sourcing of the product

Verofax is differentiated in terms of:
• Cost & speed of adoption within a 90-day deployment period
• Permissioned blockchain guaranteeing infinite scalability with no transaction fees
• Enterprise grade data security and GDPR compliance
• Interoperable platform for seamless integration into over 130 ERP

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