avtor: RADCOM

Automated 5G assurance platform with AI-driven insights for standalone 5G network operations

RADCOM is the leading provider of cloud-native, containerized, and automated service assurance solutions with AI-driven insights and complete network visibility.
RADCOM ACE is an automated 5G assurance platform that seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes to provide a closed-loop approach to assurance for Standalone (SA) and Non-standalone (NSA) 5G. Being Service Based Architecture (SBA) ready, the solution supports advanced 5G assurance capabilities such as complex Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS) correlation, new CUPS protocol decoding, and the Packet Forwarding Control Protocol. RADCOM ACE uses streaming analytics to deliver automated real-time network intelligence given to the operators’ orchestration to detect, analyze, and resolve issues automatically.RADCOM ACE also provides end-to-end network troubleshooting from the KPI level down to the session/packet level, critical when rolling out new network architectures. RADCOM ACE delivers Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven insights and automated root cause analysis for 5G. Proactively ensuring the customer experience and service quality with a range of telecom specific AI-driven use cases.

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