HARMAN OTA Solution for IoT devices

avtor: Redbend Ltd.

Enabling IoT device manufacturers and service providers to patch and enhance their device fleets!

Harman’s OTA and Device Management Solution enables connected IoT device manufacturers and service providers to patch, fix and enhance their device fleets throughout their lifetime and at scale.

Key features of the solution include:

• Advanced Device Management capabilities: enabling service providers to conveniently view their deployed device fleet status down to a single device including software inventory, remotely modify device settings and configuration, upload logs for diagnostics, view integrated dashboard and derive advanced device analytics from the exported operational data.

• Extensive admin functions and workflows, enabling the administrator to schedule campaigns, define policies for software updates, and create attribute-based device groups to execute phased rollouts. Define various update modes (silent, forced, optional) and installation conditions using a smart rule engine. In addition, advanced management of multiple software components on devices is supported (e.g. applications and firmware managed separately).

• 100% field-proven Smart Delta update technology, successfully embedded in more than two billion devices to date, Harman’s Smart Delta patented technology allows update of device software or firmware with the smallest possible payloads with uncompromising reliability, which significantly reduces costs (like network bandwidth consumption), enhances security, and improves user experience.

• Supporting the main IoT connectivity topologies out of the box. No need for your engineering team to re-invent the wheel, with more than 18 years in this domain, Harman's solution supports all the end-device connectivity topologies known in the IoT space to date, including but not limited to over Cellular or Wi-Fi, via Gateway or via mobile phone.

• Compliance-Ready solution: HARMAN’s solution complies with the various regulatory cyber-security requirements known as of today. Our winning model is to enable fast deployment and reduce the operational complexity coupled with the deployment of large IT systems.

Leveraging its 18 years of experience in this domain, HARMAN supports leading IoT device manufacturers and service provider worldwide to securely and efficiently manage the multitude of devices, and their embedded software. Sourcing the service from HARMAN, these players can fully focus on their core competence – providing excellent healthcare and medical results for their patients

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