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Transforma la comunicación organizacional con Redinapp

At Redinapp we offer our customers a fully branded Employee Communication App, to fulfill all their organizational communication needs. If your intranet is outdated, your mailings end up in spam, and you simply can´t reach your employees, Redin is the solution you are looking for. With our growth method, our customers reached over 80% of usage, empowering their engagement. The app becomes the backbone of organizational communication, it allows push notifications and personalized information, such as ERP data, corporate news and information, employee directory, calendars of events, surveys, and all the info that a company has to put in front of their workers. It´s specially designed for non-desk workers who don´t have e-mail or a computer. It´s clear that the world has changed, so intranets have to change too.

We offer personalized apps that the employees can download from de apps stores. At the back end, there is a simple content management system. All the system is based on Azure and available for Office 365, so our clients can use it as a single sing on, and have access to all Microsoft resources.

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