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Making the future of Reporting Incident

Report Incident > Prioritize > Send > Track > Resolution > Close > Invoice

ReslinkEye is an end to end service to report any of your business or free time incidents using the application picture feature, free text and locate functionality.
You can also draw upon the taken picture and point the incident more strictly to the image. The priority level for the incident is also possible to define (Critical-in an hour, Major-today, Average-in three day time, Minor-this work week, Observation-action when needed).

After reporting, you can decide where and to whom you will distribute the incident report for further actions.
Incident reports will be distributed to the email addresses you can define your self in the service.

Service allows you to follow up on the incident and the status of it in real-time.
After creating the incident, you can track from your service the status of the incident is it open, in progress or closed.
You can administrate with this service whole audit trail of your incidents.

Savings are usually related to the following facts below:
1. Real-time accurate reporting
2. Real-time actions - no forgetting
3. Administration information is creating better decisions to solve the incidents
4. Paperless process
5. Insurance costs reduction
6. Better customer service and quality based on real-time data
7. Invoice turnaround will be fastened

Ticket solving using the mobile or web-platform will give accurate Time, Kilometers, work type and detailed picture based report about the problem-solving.

This data can be sent then to the invoicing, so the whole incident process is digital.

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