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Next-gen SaaS DLP

About Safetica NXT

Safetica NXT is a next-gen SaaS (Software as a Service) DLP with very fast deployment and low maintenance. It enables early discovery and mitigation of potential data security threats and data flow risks in your organization. This cloud-native DLP helps you protect sensitive data, set guidelines for its handling, educate your employees, and support regulatory compliance. ​

  • Cloud-native DLP, deployed in hours, implemented in days
  • Ease-of-use backed by automation and best practices
  • Risk-driven incident detection powered by data analytics
  • Built for hybrid digital workspace and remote work

Safetica NXT enables you to:

  • Prevent incidents, react swiftly to potential insider threats, and speed up the investigation of malicious activities with the help of automated detection of suspicious or abnormal behavior and data flow risks.
  • Audit all data leaving the organization and provide a clear picture of security incidents by showing who, when, where, and how the data was sent.
  • Silently record every event or notify an employee about the potential risk of the operation to educate them and keep your company safe.
  • Block high-risk events to prevent sensitive data from leaving the endpoint device.

Discover risks & prevent incidents

Safetica NXT evaluates the risk of every file operation and user. It can detect and block security incidents in outgoing data and shows whether any data is lost or misused. Using modern technologies, Safetica silently audits endpoint activities and provides transfers details. Every file operation is recorded, evaluated, and stored securely in the cloud using the world’s most secure Microsoft Azure platform. This allows you not only to take remediation action and prevent a possible data breach but also to educate your employees and change their behavior or company processes.

Data classification & data flow audit

Discover and classify your sensitive data based on built-in templates. Audit data flows in all important channels.

Incident detection & response

Leverage smart auto-detection of incidents and auto-evaluation of risk and suspicious or abnormal behavior.

Intellectual property & sensitive data protection

Protect your know-how and other business- and customer-related information from leakage. Prevent mishandling or stealing your sensitive data.

Compliance violation detection & mitigation

Detect and audit potential regulatory compliance violations of GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS and set appropriate protection to enforce internal policies.

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