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With SalesCandy, we help you enforce a contact strategy, & trace every sale, with any manual work.

SalesCandy is a mobile app that solves the two biggest problems that sales & marketing operations face, one is the response time of the sales team once an enquiry is made & the second is providing management with accurate & transparent data to monitor how their sales team is performing. After a potential buyer submits an enquiry, 70% of the time, they do not receive a response from the sales team. For those that receive a response, it averagely takes 5.5 days. Do you know the cost implications of a slow response or even worse no response at all?

With SalesCandy Lead Management System we help you enforce a contact strategy, trace every sale, and pinpoint the ads that give you the best return without manual intervention. According to Harvard business review, leads that were responded to within 5 minutes have 8x better chance of closing & our algorithm distributes the lead to the right salesperson as it comes in and auto re-routes it to the next available salesperson in 25 seconds if it is not attended, without intervention from the manager. With our patent pending technology there’s no other provider in the lead management or CRM space capable of these speeds. SalesCandy also eases the admin workload for your sales staff with easy follow-up actions that can be logged in just 3 clicks.

All phone calls & SMS interactions will be logged & reflected in real-time reports easing the manual workload of the sales team while also providing more accurate data. Our system is currently being used by entreprises clients across 5 countries, which also include Global fortune 500 companies & we’ve helped improve their first real response time from 4.4 days to just 4 minutes & increased 56% sales conversions as a result.

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