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Do you want to enhance student wellbeing and SEL?

School Day enables schools to identify areas in student wellbeing and social and emotional (SEL) for skills that need attention and improvement. Also highlighting the positives. Student wellbeing leads to better learning outcomes.

School Day is the easiest way to support the wellbeing of students in real-time. It creates a sense of belonging and allows you to be part of building a better school day. Our anonymous wellbeing data supports decision-making in schools and districts, empowering the school community to focus on learning.

How does it benefit your school or district?

By providing real-time insights on class wellbeing to the teachers in your school and district, School Day supports to guide teaching, pedagogical decisions and early interventions. This means:

  • Efficient prioritizing and informed decision-making.
  • Reduced administrative work.
  • Cut drop-out rate and improve GPA.
  • Comparing how your schools are performing in wellbeing and SEL

School Day key features:

School Day is easy, fun and engaging.  With a seamless integration with Microsoft Teams:

  • Students respond to daily wellbeing questions.
  • Teachers have real-time data of their students’ wellbeing.
  • Teachers and students get tips on how to improve wellbeing in the classroom.
  • School leaders can make decisions based on facts, without a delay.

School Day is based on scientific research and all our content is created together with global educators and top wellbeing experts. Using School Day makes students reflect also on their own behavior and develop their social and emotional skills and sense of empathy.

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Our service is now available for all educators on Microsoft Teams in English, Finnish, Swedish and Spanish.